Your Thermal Journey!


The "Thermal Journey" programme relieves osteoarthritis and other pains linked to the wear and tear of cartilage.
The Saint-Gervais thermal spring water found in the Mont Blanc thermal baths, is loaded with minerals and trace elements, and offers a host of benefits. Anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing, Mont Blanc thermal spring water reduces the aches and pains that affect your daily life.

Daily clay wraps reduce inflammation and soften the skin. Mountain clay mixed with naturally warm thermal water has been known since ancient times to soothe joint pain.

The spa park surroundings are ideal for rest, relaxation and unwinding. Take time for yourself and recover from the fatigue accumulated over the year.


The "100% thermal relaxation" programme is available over 1, 5, 6 or 12 days. You have the option of having your treatments every other day. This allows you to rest and extend your stay.


- Access to the Mont Blanc Spa : its anti-inflammatory, soothing and restorative properties will relieve your aches and pains. The relaxation areas allow you to take time for yourself and rest.
- Clay wrap : clay heated to 42 degrees and combined with thermal spring water is applied to your joints. The warmth of the clay wrap relaxes the muscles and soothes accumulated tension. Applying clay has benefits for the skin, but above all for your joints. It will reduce inflammation.
- Toning shower : a high-pressure shower performed with precise movements. This treatment will tone your muscles, activate blood circulation, firm the skin and relieve muscular tension.
- 30-minute affusion massage : a shower of warm thermal water for intense muscle relaxation.


- Access to the Mont Blanc Spa
- Clay wrap
- Toning shower : (1 day out of 2)
- Optional - 30-minute affusion massage


Rheumatic diseases generally develop after a certain age. They can affect anyone, even if there are risk factors such as heredity, overweight/obesity and intensive sporting activity. The symptoms are joint pain, stiffness and loss of mobility.

Rheumatism, osteoarthritis, spinal pain, postural pain or tendonitis - symptoms can appear in the knees, hips, back and/or fingers.